Untitled-1 Consultancy & Services
We provide the following services :
  • Conduct accredited training on both grid-connected and stand-alonephotovoltaic systems
  • Conduct custom-made training courses on both grid-connected and stand-alone photovoltaic systems
  • Conduct consultancy services such as testing and commissioning, performance audit, syllabus development, preparation of teaching materials, design assessment, feasibility studies, system monitoring, expert witness, facilities audit, product testing, due diligence, etc; all related to photovoltaic systems and renewable energy
  • Conduct research and development for both government sectors and industries; all related to photovoltaic systems and renewable energy
  • Contribute expertise in various national and international level committees on photovoltaic

Short Courses on Photovoltaics We provide the following short courses: 1. Grid connected Photovoltaic (GCPV) system Design 2. Monitoring of Grid connected Photovoltaic (GCPV) system 3. Standalone Photovoltaic system (SAPV) Design 4. Monitoring of standalone Photovoltaic (SAPV) system 5. Testing and commissioning GCPV system 6. Customised short course on PV power system